How To Make Sure That You Do Not Plateau In Your Fitness Routine

In this day and age, nobody is a stranger to the concept of working out. Most people do it to maintain a healthy figure and life while others have made working out their style of life. Either way, working out if nothing harmful and is way better an approach as opposed to cosmetically enhancing yourself. However, a challenge that most people who work out have to experience is a stage called “plateau” in their fitness regime which does not yield any significant results. Here is how you can avoid stagnating in your work out.

Pick the right routine

Look at your strengths and weaknesses. Then base your decision on them. Look at how you would like to improve and how you would like to cut down on some of the unhealthy lifestyle patterns that you have gotten used to. Your ideal working out pattern should incorporate sessions that come from a few diverse areas such as pilates personal training, yoga, cardio and toning. If you continue to do just one type of exercise constantly with no variety you will plateau.

Shock your system

Most fitness instructors will tell you about having to shock your system to gain results. This is very true. If you were to carry out the same task on a daily basis, would it not become easier for your body to do? The same way following the same set of exercises for months on end will not yield you very good results. You need to pump up your system by getting it to encounter movements that it is not familiar with.

Don’t neglect injuries

It is very normal to experience injuries when you work out. You are putting your body under strain in order to make it better. Have the services of a good physio employed so that if you feel anything out of the ordinary, you can get them to attend to you. If you really ignore your minor injuries and then you have to take a break altogether from working out or go back to the start you will feel the plateau stage because you are now experiencing a setback.

Don’t follow the same instructor

People form a close bond with their instructor and then completely avoid going to others. While your loyalty towards your instructor is admirable, if they are true professionals at what they do, they will encourage you to try other instructors too while you continue classes with them. This is to make sure that your muscles experience a variety of movements and perspectives which will give you the best results.